I am looking for new PC and scanner

Hi everyone,
I am looking to buy a new desktop PC. Not in a rush yet. Maybe I’ll wait for some special on the 4th of July US holiday and get something from NewEgg or Amazon. Mine is over ten years old, still uses Windows seven and is quite outdated.
I like the compact ones that are bundled all in one as opposed to having a separate desktop, however since I have no experience with them I don’t know if they will be up to task for accurate color display and to be able to give me good performance for working with huge pixel files, 4k video, audio, 3D. Currently I can’t even use mine for such power intensive processes. I don’t do gaming, but the PC needs to be powerful enough to handle large files with 4k video, audio, 3D.
I wanted to go with Linux or some other free operating system, but unfortunately Affinity software doesn’t work on them, and I will be moving from Adobe to Affinity.
Along with that I want to buy a 11x17 scanner (or larger bed) and I am looking for advice on that. Ultimately I can find one that has a high lid with flaps around so that I can compose scenes on the bed of the scanner and use it almost like a camera.
As for audio, multimedia, and 3D software questions, I will post that in the Software forums.

how much money you got for that scanner?
Starting with the 11x17 bed, that’s gonna be pricey. One with 3D cruse ability? I had an outsource with one of these:
The table top model will set you back $19K
They tossed it a couple years ago and replaced it with a spendy scanback for their best SLR chassis and invested in some high end stitching software (you’ll need a tripod, remote, a light booth and probably a soft flash unit too. They do some beautiful work for us.

Oh no, sorry, I didn’t clarify. A flatbed scanner, something like Epson Perfection, but with a lid that raises a little higher to accommodate for bulkier stuff that’s being scanner. I think I had seen those before on smaller flatbed scanners. There are flaps on the lid of the scanner so that when the lid is raised above the scanned object is not exposed to light.

I used to have a 11x17 HP scanner that was being thrown away for junk, tried it and the JPG compression was horrible… couldn’t get clear scans. Threw it away. I’ve also used the high end Epson Perfection with a larger surface than 11x17, and they are perfect… but can’t afford those.

I meant flaps on the sides of lid of the scanner.

Another thing, I already said that I am not looking to do gaming, but is a “gaming” PC better to work with multimedia, audio, and 3D because of its video card rendering capabilities? Will be working with lots of layers with 4k video and I certainly want the refresh rate to be instant.

I do not see much difference between a gaming PC and a PC dedicated to working with video and 3D model rendering, powerful multimedia and 3D software. Perhaps experts will say that the video card “x” has certain advantages over the video card “y” when working with video editing software but it’s not important enough to buy specific video card, as for me. Personally, I run mostly a few programs on my PC - Adobe Premiere Pro, Solidworks, Blender, Artec Studio and a few less power intensive programs - and I bet that I could run any modern video game on my PC easily if I wanted to.

I see. Thank you.

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