I am looking for user-blog template, where users will post short messages which will make a wall of many other messages. What template do you suggest?

(I’ve posted this message in the Webdeveloper forums too so I can get more responses)
Hi everyone. I am with BlueHost and I want to pick a template for user-blog where people will leave comments on the site and make a wall of comments one after another (kind of like Facebook but not the same look hopefully). The BlueHost menu is asking me to select a category: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Tumblr, Weebly, Email, Shopify, HTML, Drupal. Which one do you suggest that I start with?

This will be the criteria of the site. Very simple look:

  • No login for users, they just get to write a message and post it so it appears right away.
  • User fills out message box (1000 character max).
  • User types name (required)
  • User writes the required Captcha code
  • User posts message and the message appears as a wall.
  • The posted message is separated from the other users’ comments (more like isolated in its own highlighted bubble area).
  • When other users post messages too, the newest message appears at the top of the screen and keeps pushing down the older messages down the wall.
  • I as the administrator get emails that a new message has been posted, and get to delete messages that I don’t like.

There will be few more things to customize, but that’s pretty much the basics of it. What template do you suggest? Thank you.

Hello dear,
If you are using WordPress CMS than I recommend to use the Impreza templates for your blog because it is easy to use and customize for any design as you want.

Oh, I’ll look into that. Sorry for the late reply, I am not getting alerts to my email for some reason.

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