I bet they end up blaming the prepress guy

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No One Died. That’s how something like that should always be treated.


This is why I always hand my design over to a coworker and ask if they can find the dumb typo I made, even if I don’t think there is one. Then they read it thoroughly expecting to find one and hopefully catch any that I missed.

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Not sure what “graphical software” doesn’t have copy/paste capabilities nor spellcheck…
Some kind of archaic note engraving device maybe?

Nothing died except the integrity of everyone involved in the creation of that note. It’s no 'one person’s" fault. Obviously the error initially occurred all the way up stream, but no one along the production line desired to give it a once over (granted it is micro-type).

There’s always someone to blame in the print industry sadly enough. And it’s going to fall on the individual who typeset the very misspelled word itself. And spill over into the proofing department, if it even exists.

That’s HILARIOUS!!! :rofl:

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