I can see it, but I'm not sure how to get there

I have a design solution for a project in my head but I’m not sure how to make it a reality.

I have a client with many different branches and services distributed around a specific region. They’d like a map showing the general locations of these branches. But the goal is more to demonstrate the scope of their offerings than provide a practical map (i.e. to use for directions).

I want to make an outline map of the region complete with an outline of the street grid. But then I want to angle it into an oblique perspective - like a landscape with a horizon. Then I’ll hover markers with the names, addresses and descriptions of the branches above it.

The tricky part if making a relatively accurate outline map that doesn’t get too fussy. It should be recognizable as the region even as the finest details are omitted. Am I making sense?

Don’t have a lot of experience with maps. Any suggestions?

Honestly, it sounds a bit busy and, besides, it will be more difficult to make work (as you’ve discovered). The perspective would also give more prominence to those locations closer and lesser prominence to those further away. More often than not, when confronted with a choice, the simpler solution works best.

I’m not saying it couldn’t work — just that I suspect it wouldn’t be worth the extra effort to try to make it work.

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How many is “many”? The idea you describe could perhaps work for something more like “several,” but there’s a reason you see a flat, 2D map with simple dots used so often; it’s the best way to communicate “many” locations.

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You can try this:

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