I Can't stop laughing

Each successive photo is more hilarious and absurd LOL


Odd looking, for sure, but you could get a lot in the pockets …

They obviously did not pay those models enough to wear those.

Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo!


Apparently, fashion designers don’t take the form follows function maxim as seriously as graphic designers do.

Every now and again, I’ll look at web articles about fashion shows and wonder what the designers are thinking. Not many of the designs I see are realistic, which makes me wonder what the point is. Maybe it’s a fine arts thing where there’s no real intention for these kinds of fashion statements being commercially successful.

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This guy appears to be re-inflating his pants with a fart.


I found their inspiration.



LOL RKK, the truck appendages is what first came to mind here too (they seem to be popular around this area.)

I’d like see those guys try to get on the subway wearing those.

Models are supposed to look “detached.” These guys seem downright “distressed” to be wearing these things.


Haven’t seen you around here much.

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Here too … along with the rebel flag. They are a matched pair for some of our more remotely located statesmen :wink:

They must have fought for the South in another life LOL

Damn Yankees

:wink: :smiley:

Hey PD :slight_smile:

I’m here every day in the background. Having been out of the industry for 15 years I don’t have a lot to offer for most of the new topics.

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My dad sent me this article and asked if he should wear one to my wedding. I told him ‘Do it. It’ll be a day we never forget :joy::joy::joy:.’
I told a friend and he said he’d pay to be at that wedding lol!

Form follows function. Pants for the gassy man.

This man is completely mad. People wear dress for comfort, but this designer design a useless dress

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