I confused between them

Hi, I confused between brand identity, corporate identity, and visual identity can you help me what is the difference between them

A brand is comprised of every touch point (experience) with its intended audience or market segment, meaning that it’s essentially the general sense or assessment that we have of something or someone, its essence, if you will. Everything and everyone has an essence and in a sense is always branding. Deliberate branding is taking control of an essence and strategically shaping it to fulfill some need (typically the need for money).

A brand doesn’t necessarily represent a corporation. It could be a small business or personal brand.

A visual brand is the visual signs that represent a brand, most iconically a logo, but can also include a distinct style, color pallet, or whatever.

The terms you mentioned are a little ambiguous, with no precise definitions. @praxis mostly covered it, but I’ll add my thoughts.

A brand can be thought of as the public’s general impressions of an organization, a product, a service, or, sometimes, an individual. In other words, each of these entities has a brand identity which, in many ways, is synonymous with their reputations.

Corporations and other organizations often hire professional branding experts to help shape their brands to improve their public perception or increase their visibility and recognition. This effort, its component pieces, and the results might be referred to as corporate branding or corporate identity.

Businesses and other organizations usually have products and services. Often these have their own brands that are separate from their parent organizations. You might refer to these as product brands.

The visual components that make up a brand, such as standardized color schemes, typefaces, logos, and how those elements are used on everything from brochures to websites to company vehicles to signs on the fronts of buildings, become part of the organization’s visual identity or visual brand.

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