I just wanted to share my drawing

This is what I drew in exams in Skecth/Drawing/Color class of the graphic design school.
The subject was to draw whatever we want using the quick drawing method in under 20 minutes.
I couldn’t think of a subject, so I drew my hands drawing.


Ha, nice!
It woulda been really funny if you drew your hands drawing your hands. :slight_smile:

that was the original plan… but then time was up!

Hands drawing hands, thats pretty creative

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Such a creative drawing, I love the way you put blocks like that.

Hands, great choice! One the best drawing excercises and you always have them available! Can you explain what you mean by the quick-draw method?

I just love everything about drawing, that term is used in different ways at different schools.

By quick drawing, I mean that you don’t pay too much attention to detail and line fidelity.
It’s all about creating shapes, volumes, shades by quick scribbling.

Ah ok cool. They also recommend that in “Drawing the Marvel Way”.

I think it’s really useful to know how to quickly sketch out an idea before you open the computer. Keep at it! :pencil2: