I love logo design

I love logo design if you do to reply with the word yes

Can I ask how old you are? This seems like a juvenile question to ask a forum full of seasoned professionals :wink:

I’m reminded of Grade School - Do you like me? check yes or no.


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Over the many years that I’ve occasionally designed logos for various entities, I’m come to dislike logo design.

This dislike isn’t so much because I don’t like coming up with them. Instead, I dislike the way so many clients want to get way too involved and fail to realize the logo isn’t for them to fall in love with as a personification of their hopes and dreams; it’s for their target audience to see and remember as part of a branding strategy.

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That is my simple answer. (and more words cuz the forum said my reply had too few characterssssssssssssss)

Yes, if they pay enough, plus a 50% add-on if they want to chime in.

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That is awesome! the sign! haha

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