I need a font for a forum's title

Hello there!!!

I thought that maybe I should seek some advice from all of you! It’s a quite silly matter about one of my hobbies, really, not professional work.

I try to remake the design of a role-playing game forum.

I got years of experience as a graphic designer but web design isn’t quite my thing. I’m trying to re-design my forum but I need a good font for the titles as the code would be a bit more minimalistic than before and I need a font that would translate the ambiance.

It’s a role-playing game about réincarnations, soulmates, gifted people in a somewhat dark themed present. The audience is mostly young women between 20-35.

I’ve been discussing with my friend who’ll help me code my new forum but he’s insisting that a put the title in a unique display font.

My tendency, as a paper graphic designer is for a good old serif but he’s right. It isn’t “WOW”.

I need the font that translate the theme of the forum. I’ve scroll Creative Market but couldn’t find that “WOW”.
I need a font in multilingual accents, as it’s in french.
Do you have any ideas???

Thank you so much!

Maybe something Medieval - classy, romantic and historical; Search | MyFonts

Mason - Mason Font | Webfont & Desktop | MyFonts

Unciala - Unciala Font | Webfont & Desktop | MyFonts

MFC Nadall Medieval - MFC Nadall Medieval Font | Webfont & Desktop | MyFonts

Balgruf maybe.

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