I need a Graphic Designer!

Hey! I am a Full Time You Tuber, and I want a Person Who make my YouTube Video’s Thumbnail,
If You are Graphic Designer so Please Help me, I am Giving You $5 to create 10 Thumbnails.
Give me Sample on this Website -

White ROZE Motivation

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Yeh you don’t get to decide how much we charge. I wouldn’t even turn on the computer for that price.

10 thumbnails, each different, could take 5 hours at 30 minutes each.

My hourly rate is more than 10 times what you’re willing to pay.

@Smurf2 cost more than that just typing out a response. What does “motivation” in your moniker really mean?

That really is a shockingly low sum to expect to pay for that (or any) kind of design work.


You must have gotten lost on your way to a certain other site.

That sum you are offering is an insult and as slap in the face to every Graphic Designer out there.

For that price you should go find someone’s father’s, brother’s, nephew’s, cousin’s, former roommate. I’m sure they would be happy to help.

You can pay in peanuts and then tip in some juicy exposure.

Closing this up. But, leaving it for entertainment value.