I need help in getting a T shirt mockup

24 Stylish MockUps Man T-Shirt - Man/3D/obj.

I am looking for the above t shirt mock up,i dont know if anyone could send it for free

I’ll be happy to do that for free, but you have to send me $750 first, in cash, in small denominations.

please i just need someone who could help me get that t shirt mock up for free
i will appreciate that

Are you giving the T shirts away for free?

I just did a Google search on what you’re looking for. It costs $24 on Envato. You already know this, so you’re hoping someone here will illegally send you these mockups for free.

In other words, you’re a thief asking others to help you steal from the designer who made these mockups and listed them for sale.

We don’t want thieves here. I have suspended your account.


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