I need help to find out what type of special print

I wanna find out whtta type of special priting is this,

Baselcly is nidk ifh as paper but is some sort of plastic material, the golden letters are shiny and as some sort of tiny glittering texture.

can someone help me what you guys think its printed on and what type of spoecial printing is this realy?

This looks like Foil Block Printing. The process uses a film of the desired colour on plastic foil which is printed onto the work, usually by a metal block, using heat. There are no inks involved. It is usually more expensive than regular ink based printing.

The first and last images, the way it looks ragged on cutting, I’m going to bet it’s more a metallized paper or laminated stock like this stuff:

The second one looks a lot like Thermographic printing.

Maybe a combination of both.
Will be expensive.