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first of all im sorry if my english are not good because its not my native language. I currently work in a new establish company. we have 4 workers at the moment. my boss, admin cum accountant cum HR cum PR cum PA, lorry driver and me as product designer cum social media designer cum photographer. in the company i work alone. no team, no equipment as camera or lighting or etc ( i have to use my phone camera ) and i have limit source for example if i need to do some research i can only depend on the internet because my boss think its waste of time for me to go out. i cant comunicate with supplier directly. im the 3rd party if i need to send artwork for printing.

is it my fault if i cant perform here? i always blame myself and convince my skills are not enough everytime i cant meet the expectations. honestly, i do feel like resign many times but i feel so guilty. i like the environment here, my boss and colleague are nice but im not happy with my work.

i know lots of you are profesional and experienced in this profession. i need some advice on how to sharpen my skills and any advice you can give. thank you very much.

I assume you’ve tried talking to your boss and outlining your problems, highlighting areas that need to change for you. If not, that’s your first course of action. If he or she are a nice as you say, they will work with you to find a solution to make things work – after all it’s in their interest to make it work.

The problem here is the question of whether the issue is your ability or unreasonable expectations. I have no idea about your ability, experience, level of education, etc. Is this your first job?

If your lack of experience is the problem, then you probably need to be working in a place where you can learn from more experienced designers. Ideally everyone, after university, should work for around 5 years as a junior to learn the ropes.

However, reading between the lines, it looks like the issue may be unreasonable expectation, given the situation as you describe it.

If you have tried talking to them and you know nothing will ever change, my advice is don’t just quit (unless you can afford to, of course). Cover your own back (as no one else seems to be), line up another job first, then leave. Don’t wait until you are so worn down that you end up having a breakdown, otherwise, you’ll become thoroughly de-motivated, with no energy and thus, less employable. You’ll need a month off just to recover.

no, this is my 5th company im working with. i resign from last 3 company because of cheap salary and i got terminated on previous company due to company cant afford to pay salary due to covid-19. this is 5th company im working with and totally new experienced to me because of new establishment. i did tried talking to my boss about the problem, regarding the equipment and he asked me to buy using my money first then claim from company later. i asked for camera and we do argue a little about that. he said i can just used my phone, the picture still look better anyways, well duh! of course it is i had to do some editing on the picture first before i submitted to him. without any lighting in a closed room imagine how dark the picture and affect the color. my boss is nice in terms of his employee welfare. it’s easy to apply anual leave compare to my previous company because he can still compromise.

That’s a huge red flag.

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It’s not your fault, your skills are valuable, but the lack of resources and support from the company is hindering your performance and discuss these challenges with your boss to find solutions and improve your working environment.