I need some critique on my Infographic

It’s supposed to be interactive so not everything will be on like this while using it.

Every comment is appreciated I’m just a begginer! Thank you very much

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What is this — a dating match-up graphic comparing Evelyn and Juan?

Anyway, I like the looks, despite me not knowing for sure what it will be used for. It’s nice. You seem to be more than “a beginner.”

I don’t know if I like the neon type at the top, though — especially the receding angle of it. It sort of seems like a headline ought to be more like a headline. Maybe, as you mentioned, the interactive aspect we’re not seeing would address this problem.

Yeah it’s comparing his night stadistitics with mines (expenses, drinking, companions, zones, etc). Thank you. I will look into the title.

The white seems a bit too sharp especially 400$

Hello there :slight_smile:
as Mr just-B said, you are definitely more than a beginner, I liked the neon effect, escpecially in the graphs,
however there are some issues i want to mention

  • first, i don’t know where should i start reading, i can’t see any focal point here, and there is no clear hierarchy, if you’re trying to make everything looks important, then non of it will look important, and i think this is what you tried to make here.
  • next, you have some issues with typography, you have bad tracking in your texts, especially the the one in the big circle, try to use flush left if you have small line length instead of justified, or allow hyphenation. the centered texts is not the best choice here i think, it’s breaking the alignment, …the space between the two paraphrases in the middle is too large, are they meant to be separated that much?..and at which size this inforgraphic will be printed? the letters needs to breath, especially if this will be read at small size, try to introduce some space between the letters and some leading, am not sure but it looks like the descender and ascenders are touching,

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