I need to vent omg


I’ve been working as a graphic designer for about 3 years now. I’ve been with my current employer for over 2 years.

I started my official career as a graphic designer by doing one solid year of unpaid interning for my university. When I graduated, I was happy to land a job so quickly with the company I’m at now (hired me the same day I interviewed), but in hindsight, I should’ve seen the hasty hiring process as a warning sign.

I started at $12 an hour, part-time. The goal at the time was to gain more work experience in the field. I obviously did not go to college to get paid so little and for only part time, but I was desperate for more experience and pieces in my portfolio.

The second week there, their main designer quit abruptly. I saw the opening as a great opportunity to start working for them full time. I took the full time position and started to really thrive. I was happy to see my designs and marketing strategies making a positive impact with sales and our customers. I started doing more than just graphic design, but also copy writing, social media marketing, mass email campaigns, creating online stores and their content and ultimately ended up redesigning their entire website after being raised to 13.50 an hour.

Once the site and some big marketing campaigns were finished, I got raised again to $15 an hour. Initially they wanted to raise me to $14.50, but I knew at that point all of the skills and projects I had contributed to the company was worth much more, so they agreed to compensate me at $15 an hour.

That was over a year ago. Now I am doing basically multiple jobs. Graphic design, copywriting, social media, editing manuals, coordinating marketing opportunities, etc. and I am still at that flat $15. I didn’t even get an annual review at my 2 year anniversary with the company. Not even an acknowledgment. I do it all and they depend on me immensely. They don’t even know how to print their own brochures.

I have been looking at other jobs, desperate to find something local that provides benefits and a reasonable salary. I’ve had one phone interview and some calls come in, but NOTHING YET. AND I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND.

The company I work for is on the smaller side, family-owned and operated. While I actually enjoy marketing for their industry and find it interesting, it’s gotten to be too much for me to handle because of the SLAVE LABOR they push on me. I AM THEIR ONLY MARKETING PERSON and they say how much I’ve helped them and how much they appreciate me, BUT IT IS A MIND **** BECAUSE MY PAYCHECK DOESN’T AGREE WITH THAT.

I could write so much more about the things I’ve had to deal with there that are just terrible. I want to quit but I need an income and I can’t seem to find another opportunity fast enough. I feel my body and mind deteriorating from the stress, the unfair wages and overall unethical practices they participate in. It’s taking a toll. Can anyone else relate?

I need encouragement, positive words, motivation that I will get out of my situation. Oh, and asking for a raise at this place is not an option.


Been there. I feel your pain.

If they won’t increase salary, is there some other benefit that could be negotiated? More paid vacation days, expense account, gas card, phone bill, books, classes, conference fees, membership in professional organizations, etc. In terms of accounting, it’s easier for most employers to give in to things like these.

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well… you have the choice and only you can make that choice…

Once we are out of college it does seem like WTF IS GOING ON?! THIS IS IT?!

It seems to be a new wave (not really new) but more and more people are discovering being your own boss is the way to go. You have the same mind and talent as your boss does now, so why not make it happen for yourself?

I was working with this one company and yes they praised me all the time but i did not like the job at all thus making me miserable. I eventually pretty much quit and i did become much more happy, however im currently broke but i have not lost hope and i trust that if im willing to work and knock out daily goals ill be on my way to something better than working under someone with getting even more money doing what i love to do on my own terms. We as humans are required to WORK, however working for another man//woman i dont think is necessary. As long as your working hard on whatever it is that you want to do, then i have faith everything else will follow.


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Also a warning sign. I would be looking for another job somewhere else.

Alternatively . . .

If you are doing too much, is it worth asking about hiring an assistant? Even another part time recent graduate. This would help with the workload and you could legitimately ask for a raise if you are supervising someone else.

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yea, looking for a job elsewhere is what I’m up to now. I did bring up to my boss that I never got my 2 year review. Come to find out the company is in a bad position financially. They can’t afford much at all. In fact, they are actually relying on sales solely right now to buy anything. I just designed a display, and asked my boss when we’d be ordering it. It was approved and everything. Boss said we had to wait for sales to make more money. To me that just really blew my mind. I’m in the process of updting my portfolio and applying. I have an immense amount of wwork to showcase and put together tastefully so I feel overwhelmed with many different things. I couldn’t even afford to buy groceries this week. its been rough.

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thank you for your kind words and inspiration <3

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