I need your advise

I have ordered new graphics card on Amazon. The package I received contained a completely different graphics card, on top of that it had signs of usage with dust on the fans and scratches on the frame. The mailing box was sealed without any signs of being opened, however the box of the graphics card itself came without any safety wrap or seals. After that I have left a review of the product on Amazon and attached photos of the used graphics card. Then I contacted customer service and followed their instructions. They told me to send the graphics card back to Amazon. Upon receiving the graphics card I was told that I won’t get the money back because it was a different card. However, I don’t have another card, I returned the only card sent to me by Amazon. I was refused a refund and the card I’ve returned was disposed.
Our family are regular customers at Amazon, in the past month we have purchased goods for a total of $23.000 that we paid for with one bank card. Out of all the purchases we haven’t returned anything except this graphics card.
I need your advise


I would call a Lawyer. We are not the fraud division. :wink:

I don’t know how to say this gently … but if you have 23,000 dollars to spend at Amazon per month … go to someone local who can give you just what you are looking for.