I need your help with the logo


I’m currently working on a new logo for the site and would love to hear your tips and advice. This is a rather responsible task, because the logo must not only look good, but also reflect the essence and values of the project. This is a site with Australian online pokies that can be played for free and without registration. There are more than 1,500 different pokes created based on popular movies, favorite celebrities or the hottest games with dragons.

I have already brainstormed a little about what associations the logo should evoke, what color scheme to use and so on. But so far it is difficult to settle on one specific idea. So I would be very grateful to hear your suggestions and advice on this matter.

Maybe you have some interesting ideas about symbols, colors or fonts? Can you tell me what to look for when designing a logo? I would be very grateful for any advice! I hope that together we can create a truly memorable and effective logo.
Here is a photo of the old logo and the new one.


Thanks to all forum participants for their attention! I will wait for your comments.

I’d change the name first and foremost. It does not bode well to the depraved minds.

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What is the essence? What are the values?

What associations should the logo evoke?

The website already uses the logo shown above.

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