I wanna know, how would i achieve a cyberpunk flyer illustration like this?

It seems quite complicated to make, everything looks so geometric , what would be preferable to use in making visuals like this? InDesign? Illustrator? Photoshop? Also if you could give me ressources or tutorials it would be nice

I doubt you’ll find any tutorials on this. It’s the work of an artist expressing a personal artistic vision with the tools he or she feels comfortable using.

If I were to try creating something along these lines, I would most likely use a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and a flatbed scanner — definitely not InDesign.

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Flyers these days doesn’t give too much and longer impact to me. My opinion is just focus on delivering your message.

If you still want the cyber punk maybe try to search for an icons about techs then just insert it to your design.

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