I want to export single image of multiple boards in Adobe Photoshop

I am designing visiting cards for myself. I opened 2 artboards in Photoshop at the same time for designing the front and backside of the visiting card. Now I want one single image of both artboards. How can I do this?

Photoshop isn’t really the correct tool for what you’re doing, so an elegant solution may be elusive.

Make a new canvas large enough to hold both images and drag/drop (layers).


Yeah, just make the canvas size larger, copy what you need, then paste and position it in the larger space.

For what it’s worth, Photoshop is mostly useful for, as the name implies, working with photos. There are dozens of reasons for not using it for layout purposes that range from ease of use to practical differences in the quality of the output.

Im doing the same thing as we speak in Illustrator whereas photoshop might be quicker for what i need finished.
I am praying saving images in photoshop via eps and importing them into illustrator hopefully updates the links after revising the image updates- like these programs did in 2008-12 .
but if not i just re-place them.

Illustrator will update a link if it is altered after placement into AI.

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even on a macbook air 2010? i will find out soon!
i need to redesign a graphic i designed in 2005 that i cannot find, easier to redo than search around the house and several cds.
i might “what font is this” help or just redraw then scan the image.
oh, Thanks for the reply

I’d be surprised if it didn’t. That’s been part of AI for as long as I can remember.

Yippie i did!
now i need to create another project, a meme…

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