I Want to Retrive x and y Postion of my mouse

I Want to Retrive x and y Postion of my mouse, I want to display it in my textboxes in my windows form application

What is a windows form application?
Why do you need the x and y of your mouse?

I was going to ask the same questions.

This might be something better answered by computer engineers than graphic designers.

  1. The x and y coordinates are in your “Info” window. = source of information
  2. Ghosting your mouse “can” open informational (like tutorials). = information pathway
  3. Those tutorial popups are stored “somewhere” (probably in a cache somewhere) = information display.

So the pieces are all there (1. what “it” is (X&Y), 2. where the info starts, and 3. where you want it to be displayed). Therefore, someone who is tech savvy should be able to write a script to display the coordinates at your mouse point as a popup.

I have no idea about the “how” of this though.

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