I will sketch your idea to make a product design

Hello! I´m an Industrial Designer based in Argentina. I will provide you a professional service for product development. I will start with some research to match the best requirements to make the best out of your idea. I have great communication skills, so you can talk to me, and explain to me your idea with a high level of detail. I will keep in touch with you during the whole process of design.

I think I’ll leave this thread here since this now-suspended person’s post failed to advertise anything of any consequence. Lately, we’ve been deleting dozens of these kinds of spammy posts — most of which are a complete waste of time for everyone involved, like this one. I removed, three or four, yesterday from people trying to advertise their $5 crowdsourcing logos.

Why an industrial designer (or $5 logo designer) would attempt to advertise services on a forum devoted to graphic designers is a mystery. Do people like this actually believe this might somehow result in work. Even if I were looking for an industrial designer, would I or anyone else ever respond to something like this? :confused:

They are coming out of the woodwork today!


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