I would like some criticism :)

So this was my first illustration for a few years. I did it about 3 months ago. I would enjoy some general cirtisim on how I could improve, other than the proportions of the helmet. The character is ‘Mozzie’ from
the game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Closer to the bottom I should have taken a break because there is a lose in quality.

I don’t know anything about the character but it’s not too bad for first starting out. Everyone starts somewhere. Your proportions and shadowing are off. But, that will improve with time and practice.

To improve … keep drawing. Take your sketchbook with you. Draw everything.

I also recommend you pick up a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.


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I would love if I could go outside and sketch but at the moment I am stuck inside because my leg is stuffed :frowning:

But anyway thanks a lot for the tips, appreciate it.

We used that book at my art school as well. It teaches everything from diagrammatic lines to negative space. Buy, read it, live it, lol.

I will have to try and get my hands on it then, thanks.

the torso needs to be round, the equipment belt needs depth and some sphere.
identify what the belt is besides a rectangle and shapes
use symbols people are accustomed to.

the head is larger than the body which i have drawn in the past.
think round while drawing and use arching pencil lines.

I like the base of the drawing and your passion is into the subject!
keep at drawing, you are good!

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I apreciate your critisism :slight_smile: At the time I had no idea how to draw and was heavily inspired.

more advice than critique.
the eraser is our friend!
im drew a lot on the iPad and regressed this year, so i need to do what you are doing-pencil and paper.

Yeah I agree, people treat digital as the holy grail of art. But shall we not forget where it started good ol’ fashined Pen and Paper

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