Ice-Cream & Coffee

Hey Fellas!
I’m gonna design a banner that it’s for a Coffee shop which serves both coffee and Ice-cream. I’m looking for a concept. something that gets people’s attentions. something new…
Do you have any Idea?
Share with me please. I’ll be appreciate.

how much money you got?

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That would be my first reaction too.

haven’t got yet. cause the job hasn’t finished. I’m still working on it.

Bottom line is you are getting paid for coming up with a concept and executing it. All of us on the forum on the other hand are not.

If you come up with ideas or design approaches we can provide feedback, but concepting is a key part of every design job and as such people here do no work on concepting for free.

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I see.

Ditto! I don’t give out ideas for free, either. This forum is for critiquing work—not doing the job for you.


Even if any designer was prepared to do your work for you for free – spoiler; they won’t – that is the most shockingly poor brief. There is nowhere near enough information to go on in order to undertake the job.

Do they have an existing brand the banner would have to work within? Who is their target customer base? I could go on. There are many more.

If you are a designer, or someone choosing to call yourself a designer, you really should know this already. The question appears to expose your lack of knowledge and experience,

What is your role? Are you being paid to do the job. Are you the coffee bar owner?

PS. Some people here aren’t ‘fellas’.

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@all wow landing idea mids capitalism that must be heresy, here I’ll be such heretic then, however unuseful will be my suggestion …

  1. banner nowadays means animation, so use Your creativity with AfterEffects or maybe so it would be more unique the flow between frames and collage in Vegas then smoothed in AFX so You would get animated png, eventually learn a svg curve for AFX and You’ll get with any stock vectors strangely good animated banner that can be used also as video clip for yt’promo …

  2. aside the technical possibilities, if You want catchy idea how to make attractive coffeshop banner, take so local popular face from history and invite him or throw him some ice coffee and cream with some some motto like welcome to 21st century try our taste out and later give smiling comment if not like hug or heart in front of the store …

if I am sarcastic I’ll say dont bother banner is banner and can undergo mistakes of any kind until the same dont get printed :slight_smile: so enjoy whatever You will done will be interesting at least at table in the coffee’shop …

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Whatever fella!

Thank you for your explanations.

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