Ice Skating!

I was inspired this time during the Olympics. :slight_smile: It took awhile to get the boy to come together the way I wanted. But the little girl came to life in just a couple days. I also make my littles in black and white. Maybe a coloring book someday…shrug, I don’t have a purpose – just enjoy creating them. Thanks for letting me share.


PS I played a little with face shapes. May have to go back to others and adjust. :slight_smile:

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Adorable as always :heart:

My one small observation is the little guys left leg. (I know you didn’t ask, so just bypass this part if you like and it could just be my old eyes) It’s out in front and much smaller than the leg in the background. With that and the scrunch of his pants hitting the line of ice, it tends to look a bit disjointed. I might move the scrunch a tad and thicken up the knee area a tad also :wink:

The little girl is so sweet. Her little legs are darn near perfect!

I’ve always liked the faces … old and new and think the idea of a coloring book would be awesome!

:heart: Thanks for sharing KK

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As always I’m ready for suggestions/tweaks needed! I appreciate any and all feedback!! Thank You!

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The girl looks cute! The boy…maybe the top part of his right shoe (the one on the left side) should be hidden under the trousers to make it look like the leg’s bent? Not a professional artist and don’t skate at all so take my opinion with a huge pinch of salt :stuck_out_tongue:

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