Ideas for a logo design: football + metrics/analytics

Hi there,

I am stacked thinking a graphic design (a logo) for a company which analysis and process data of the football matches.

I have digged in the internet, but my mind does not work anymore. I am out of ideas. My 2 favourites designs are:


Could you help me with some ideas /designs? Thanks a lot!

keywords: football / metrics / analytics /science

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Welcome Aboard dathwerth :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. Do you want our opinion as to which we might like better? Or are these your designs that you want critiqued?

Please elaborate dear, do you want us to tell you about these designs or do you want our suggested designs.

I believe dathwerth is looking for design suggestions and is showing these two logos as things s/he likes.

This is a great logo assignment. I know you can do this. My suggestion is that you expand on the keywords list and start brainstorming on how you can mesh football symbolism with data. This could be a great logo for your portfolio, and you don’t want the idea to be someone else’s idea. Sketch out a bunch of options and post those for feedback before you move to the computer.

I like the font on the first one because of the round o’s but feel like it could use something… thinking

  1. Pull the Y in PLAY closer to the rest of the word. It’s hanging.
  2. The figure you have is a good idea but the wrong one. Find one where someone’s doing a dynamic kick, maybe like an overhead “Pele style”.
  3. The arc of the ball’s path looks like a tether ball path, not soccer. Think about real world physics even when working stylistically.
  4. Incorporate my points #2 + #3 to combine the elements into an Action - Reaction (action = kick, reaction = ball movement)
  5. Delete the dotted “path” of the ball. Use sports stripes of some kind leading away from the foot that is kicking it - to the ball on the right (we read left to right so use that to your advantage) - you can even make the ball big as if it were moving out of the picture plane.
  6. You’ll have to incorporate the analytics side of the company somehow because right now it’s just play soccer. How you do that is too big of a question to answer online.

The bottom one is exactly what it looks like, a Shutterstock logo. Using art from a website is a good way to work, but it’s only a starting point. I’ve seen variations of that logo for every kind of company.

I like the modern look of the first one, but I don’t believe it conveys analytics very well.

Logo 2:
If you could strip out the gradients, and get that graph-like-soccer ball (football) to look more like a soccer ball, I would say your in business. It must clearly infer the sport ,while incorporating a graph within.

Though, if you’re a designer, why not hit the drawing board yourself - and leave these farmed, internet graphics on the web.

It’s funny how often that bar graph shows up if you do a logo search like this:

They are all kind of boring. Even ESPN’s analytics channel logo is pretty dull

When you think sports, you think motion. Maybe go off in that direction.

The first logo bothers me. First, the stick figure looks just like the digital person used on lighted crosswalk displays. Second, the trajectory of the ball defies the laws of physics. It’s not possible to kick a ball in a circle.

I kind of like the idea of using that kind of figure because they use them for the Olympics. But I mentioned that it should be dynamic, not a crossing the road figure, and I agree wholeheartedly with the physics.

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