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Hello, I have a small business and I am about to start making deliveries to the customer’s home.
I need your help thinking of nice sentences for a marketing project I am editing together with a professional graphic designer.
We thought of doing some photos on my business Instagram that express the possibility of getting the order without leaving the house.
For example, a picture of a man sitting on a couch watching Netflix with the caption “Too lazy to leave the house?” (And then details about the shipments). Or a picture of a person wearing a mask with the caption “At such a time it is dangerous to leave the house” (details about the shipments).
I would love to hear more ideas and funny sentences.
Thank you!

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A thousand dollars for the first ten words. Fifty dollars for each additional word. 50% down in advance. How many words would you like?

… and WELCOME to the Forum!

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I don’t think very highly of companies preying on customers’ fears.
Choose a different route

I dont know if youre selling food orders. However, a good quality picture of the food looking presentable is probably the best way.

I’d avoid fear marketing the media has already done a lot of that and in my local area people are tired of hearing doom/gloom.

I don’t think using fear is the best selling tactic. I’ve been paying attention to what large companies have been using in their market strategies this year, and most are pushing convenience over fear. Curbside pick-ups, two-day deliveries, and contact-less transactions imply safety without calling out the danger. Most of the messaging implies that the companies are an ally in the consumer’s quest to stay safe.

Some suggestions for taglines would be:

  • Shop at home with peace of mind
  • Convenience delivered with our 2-day delivery
  • Our new contact delivery services brings our products to you safely

I really dislike fear-based marketing. If you’ve ever looked at the marketing of survival gear (MREs, bunkers, etc), then you’ll see how bleak messaging can get. No one wants to purchase under duress. Give your customers an opportunity to show you care.

Do you really think insulting potential customers is a good marketing tactic?


I would say, I f you have a professional designer working with you, surely that’s their job? We aren’t going to do their work for free. If you have ideas and want comments, that’s fine. That’s what this place is about. However, to ask us (mostly seasoned, professional designers) to work for nothing is not going to get the best response.

Well… I was going to say playing on fears and calling your customers lazy are NOT the way to go … however that’s already been covered.


I am also of the view that this and any such kind of statement would create a negative impact on the customers instead of getting positive reviews.
Be positive, be caring for customers.

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Everyone is ordering online these days anyway. You just have to get it out there that you deliver.

Door Dash and Uber Eats are very popular here. So popular in fact that all the Dunkins in my local area won’t let them use the drive thru so as not to jam up the line. Drivers have to go inside.

Then there is the order on line for curbside pickup. I really dig that for Home Depot. They bring the stuff right out to the car for me! Done it a few other places too, where choice of item isn’t an issue. Someone shoulda thought of that long before now.

And with groceries, there are the “touchless” drive-thru pickup (though not sure how you explain the picker who does the shopping for you) and the full delivery service that’ll leave them on your front stoop, if you have one…

Considering delivery drivers have so much client contact, not sure delivery is any better than going out and getting the groceries yourself (unless you’re sick and can’t go out.)

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I’ll give you credit for recognizing you can’t serve as copywriter. Your examples demonstrate that. You also probably noticed by now you won’t get it done for free here.

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If I give you marketing ideas for free will you deliver stuff to my house for free?

Indeed, agree with you :wink:

Yes, it’s not one of the best ways for success

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