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Hello friends now I am going to show my work with my team mates which we had created a logo for a Diagnostic center which it is looking good. But I need to know is any body have designed logos for these type of business because experts are saying that it is good but need some change. Till Now I cant find any change Kindly review that and help me. I cant download that image currently due to network issue so design experts can refer here. After some time I will display my image here till that refer my site.

Do you know what the “experts” think they want changed?
If not, you are not asking the right questions.

Hello, Sir sorry I can’t able to understand your reply. I mentioned Experts who are like you sir but some experts around us requested to change the logo. So I request Experts who are here to leave their comments about this.

Your job is to come up with solutions.
If your experts believe something needs to be changed, you need to ask them questions, the right questions, to find out why they think it needs to be changed. If YOU don’t think there is anything wrong with it, then YOU need to defend your design decisions to your experts.

If you post the image, rather than trying to drive traffic to your portfolio, you will get more of a critique.

I see 3 different logos. Which one are you referring to?

Last one which is pink in color

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Okay thank you for your advice sir.

Ok Thanks. I removed your link and put the actual image in question in your original post. That should help. :slight_smile:

What does this center diagnose?
Why is there part of a cross in the logo. Is this a vague reference to something medical?
Why is there a world globe in the logo? Is this a world-wide entity?
Why is it pink? If it’s a medical diagnostic center and pink, that might imply gender-related specialization.

All that aside (which is a lot to set aside), I like the looks of it. I’d likely choose a more generic sans-serif typeface for the word PREMIER, however. I’m also unsure about the combination of pink and purple.

I have no way of knowing, however, what reservations your “experts” have about what you’ve done. I’ve given you my feedback, but you’ll need to ask them if you want to know what they’re thinking.

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