Ideas for my logo design service

Hey you guys i just launched my logo design service website, i need ideas to get customers and sell more.

My web site is looked to a facebook business page. I’ve been using Facebook’s boosted post (one of their marketing services). It’s gotten the page nearly 800 hits i wouldn’t have gotten otherwise - plus 2 clients from those 800 hits. I boost almost every post now - I’ve spent maybe $30 in marketing boosts and have made about $200 in sales.

Thank you, facebook ads sounds like a good idea

Is your plan to design logos exclusively?

Logo design and business branding. take a look what do you think?

Create a blog, and create re-branding concepts for famous brands that currently have crappy logos. If you do a good work presenting your suggestion, people will share it, and you will get lots of traffic and interest in your services. It’s fun and good exercise to do this regardless of results.

If you do the above, post a link here so I can share it for you on social.

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Based on the fact that several of your example logos seem to be plagiarized (see my comparison below) I feel sorry for your prospective clients.

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thank you will do

Whoa. Busted!

iStock licensing specifically forbids using their stock art in logos or trademarks.

Oh, my. That’s blatant.

Nothing in the forum rules about this?

Never mind the forum.
It’s unethical in the entire profession of Graphic Design.

That is evident, even to the plagiarisers I’m sure.
But since we can’t clean up the entire profession (unfortunately), we can at least try to ensure the forum keeps the unethical out.

Or, we can educate them - assuming they are ignorant of their error.
Edit: Or maybe not ignorant, but under the impression that they wouldn’t be “caught” or it wouldn’t matter as long as they changed it 1%?

Closing this up. I think everything has been covered.

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