Identifying Logo Style

Need some help identifying this type of design style so I can find some tutorials. Anyone know any tutorials or how these could have been built?

Woodcut or Engraving
You’ll be wanting vector tutorials.
The tutorials you’ll find for those vary widely in results. A lot depends on how well you can draw.
Since a lot of it is reverse and repeat, I’d do one half in pencil, give it a quick ink, scan it (or take a photo of it, and work on it in Illustrator. Once half is done, flop it and join it.
There will be no easy button.

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What would you search for?

Vector Woodcut Tutorial?

I don’t know. Did you try it?

Perhaps try vintage or retro logo or illustration tutorials.

Yeah, not really any good tuts that I could find.

I also want to know about this

This doesn’t teach you how to draw, but it shows how to do a “green man” similar to the lion woodcut.

But to do these, you do have to know how to draw. And know when to reverse/repeat to save time. Like I said, draw it, ink it, photograph it, bring it into Illustrator and pen-tool it.

No easy button.

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