If clients treated others like they do designers

This is a funny video showing how people react when a guy asks them some things that some clients might ask designers.

Thought you all would get a kick out of the reactions.


Lol! Took a minute for me to get into this but I loved it. Thanks!

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Didn’t watch it all.
I did like one of the comments:

How could this actor do all that annoying crap whitout getting punched in the face?

Designers may need to ask themselves why they enable this type of crap.


People were pretty good humored about it … but I almost turned it off because I wanted to punch him


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Thing is, it’s parody, but when I lived and worked in London, this is not all that far from the truth. I have actually had someone say, I am just seeing problems and I need solutions. ‘Can you just work all night to get it done’ was a fairly regular occurrence and it fairly regularly happened too. So glad I don’t have any of that crap any more. I only work 15-18 hours per day for a deadline these days If I have to!


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