If you are real estate photographers, please do me a favor

My name is Amy. I am doing research on real estate photography for my project and I am collecting information to complete my report. I really hope you can help me answer these following questions. I really appreciate your help and would love to say thank for your kindness!

I think I’d be more interested in how many actual customers looking for houses think Virtual Staging is semi-dishonest fakery.

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Sadly, probably not many. It’s a shiny thing. :wink:

First, I’d like to know more details about your project, why you are asking for this, etc.

Looks like your survey is only for real estate photographers under a certain age. I don’t know if you’re apt to find an abundance of this niche group in a graphic design forum.

Bon chance.

I’m OK with virtual staging if it’s accompanied by the actual photo. I see nothing wrong with showing, for example, the unretouched image of an empty room, then showing a photo saying “Here’s what it could look like with furnishings.”

I’m cynical. I wouldn’t think too highly of a realtor that put stuff in to cover up the walls/floors. I’d wonder what they are trying to hide (that’s why I’m using a buyer’s agent.)

The age grouping allows for “other” outside of the specified ranges.
Do realtors really hire photographers/fluffers? I’ve yet to see anything that remotely looks professionally shot on Realtor dot com. I have seen some nicely staged stuff and some photoshopped stuff and some downright awful stuff. Instagram filters seem to be all the rage too. And photoshopping out ceiling water stains? Yeah…those should be dinged for false advertising.
Again, that’s why I’m using a buyer’s agent. I’m in no hurry and I’m being very particular as to what I’m looking for.

One of my best friends is a realtor. He has a professional photographer working freelance for him on commission. Any retouching is limited to basic toning, but the photos look very nice (no virtual staging).

Removing water stains, filling in dead patches of grass, etc., would be counterproductive since a potential buyer would spot the deception upon visiting the house. At that point, trust would be lost along with the sale.

Maybe it depends on the price range. I can see hiring a photog if you are selling $400K plus house (bear in mind where I am, that is just about median price for a small house,)
but maybe not so much down in my price range.

Around here that might buy you a studio apartment - under 400 sq feet in a “up-and-coming” (aka slow to gentrify) area.

I agree that whether or not an agent hires a pro photographer depends on the price of the house.

Getting really nice interior photos is a lot of work. It could involve multiple trips to the house, spending all day at the house to get different photos as the sun moves, off camera flash to balance light in a room, and a fair amount of processing with blending multiple exposures.

Probably not going to happen for a starter bungalow. But if you’re trying to sell a mansion, you need to step up the imagery.

Going all out would involve that, but an experienced photographer — even when hurried — can get better photos in a 15-minute visit than the typical realtor-taken smartphone photos that might otherwise be the case.

My realtor friend says hiring the professional photographer more than pays for itself. Then again, this guy does specialize in more expensive houses, and I don’t know if he gets photos shot of every property.

Well, not really. I’ve done this, and if I can go to the property at the time I choose, I can get good marketable images, inside and out, in a couple of hours.

Of course, HDR takes more time, but that’s hopefully a short-lived and unrealistic trend. Also, I would not Photoshop to correct defects in the home, as a matter of ethics.

But I think professional property photography is worth it no matter the price of the home, because everyone starts by looking at photos online.

Higher-priced properties, of course, need better and more images, staging, etc.

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