If you are using fonts on MacOS: A must read

Good article on fonts, font management and font issues on MacOS by Kurt:

I’d call it a “must-read”. Enjoy!

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Well written. Thanks!

I’ve seen that article in various iterations over the years.
Makes my head explode.
The most important takeaway is the file location hierarchy. If you know that, you can usually troubleshoot just about anything.

I didn’t look to see if this iteration mentioned the (usually) empty font folders within each individual Adobe program. I’ve found quite often (well maybe once or twice a year,) that a real ornery font file absolutely has to go in that one particular folder or it will not work, doesn’t matter if you have a management software or not.

The current version of the Adobewares seems to be having trouble with fonts of the same name but different formats. I’m getting conflicts now between OTF and Postscript and TrueType that never happened before the last Indesign update. (I’ve refused to update Illustrator to CC18 until absolutely necessary.)

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for a quick run down on font managers.

Don’t do it. Very buggy. Upgraded, only to downgrade about a month later. :poop:

Yeah, I’ve been at war with Adobe on this one since it came out.
They have told me that I have to download their Beta update if I want certain bugs fixed. I don’t put Beta-anything onto production machines. Tossed it off immediately and back to 17.

Unfortunately InDesign 18 isn’t an option. Its files are species specific and if a designer uses 18, I have to also.

I’d like to know whose absolutely dumba** idea it was to remove the italics on the Don’t Print view in the layers palette in both Indesign and Illustrator 18. We rely on those italics in our production work flow here.

Yeah it’s total shite. And couple the shite with offshore IT… it’s a joy I tell ya, a pancaking joy. :dizzy_face:

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