If you have an extra minute I would really like some of you to check out my motion graphics

Good work you’ve done there Wayne! Well done!

Just a few points from me:

  1. Not too sure about the music on your video. I think it’s too relaxing for what the video is about.
  2. I think your video needs a bit of structure. A start, a middle and an end. I’d keep the tags (Motion Graphics, Animation Logos etc) on instead of fading out so that the user knows what he’s watching as this is a demo with different categories. You do have a start/title, you’ll have a middle if you keep the tags on and you’re also missing an end. Something like “Thank you for watching” with your website below or even just your website/contact details. I mean, where can I find you if I like your work and want to hire you?
  3. I think some of the clips are too long. The logo animations are great time-wise, but the rest are too long. You could have them that long if you were demoing them individually but since your video is about demoing your work in general, I’d had them all shorter, like the logo animations.

Apart from these points, I think it’s pretty good. Well done!! I also really like how you start the video - you sitting on your computer. I find it very clever!

Love this! I’m so excited to take my first motion graphic class next semester!

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