Illustration specially form men or boys

Hello, alltogther,

after designind successfully a decal or motive for women

I want to develop a pendant for the men.

Here are the results, but I am not sure wether they are masculin enough?

I don’t know too many men who wear pendants. I’m also not sure how the images would fit on a pendant. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding.

What is this pendant design supposed to accomplish? Is this just decoration or are you communicating a specific message?

Message should be:
I am the greatest
Be on the go
Gettingy attractive women

It is so Hard to Imagine what men do like?

The Illustrations are supposed to be Gifts for couples for example to a Wedding

The Images shall Display how men See Them selves in Their imaginations or dreams.

Like men Would like to appear

Sorry for german Keyboard big letters putting in

I Can assure Most Woman want to Look beautiful.

So men want to…?

I don’t think you understand the focus of wedding gifts. Most do not reflect someone’s desirability, but rather focus on the future of the couple or attempts to capture the moment. I don’t believe you are actually solving a problem, but rather searching for one to justify your design.


Ha, is this where the inspo for your other post came from? It makes a lot more sense to me now. :male_detective:

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If these designs are to go on a coffee mug as per the top one, granted I’m just one person in a large demographic, but a lot of guys aren’t gonna buy coffee cups with a naked man posing for a dog, nor one with cats in bikinis (I think that’s what they are…)
Certainly not for wedding gifts.
You’re trying for kitsch art? Not only do you have to convey “irony” you need to put more consideration into the purchasing demographic.
The top one has a subtle irony. Perhaps not in the respect you mean, but we do have a language barrier here, and perhaps a cultural one as well where the imagery doesn’t translate so well.

Seems like it was translated by google or something. It’s really difficult to make out what he means sometimes. The words and grammar seem to be all messed up and switched around.

I agree with SurfPark’s comment. The only perfect place for ‘gifts’ like these are small giftshops, and they’re mostly gifts for a specific target group. Not just women and men in general, especially not those who are getting married.

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