Illustrations with a logo

I design logos with Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC (but most likely Photoshop). I’ve always wondered that how can somebody make such a nice illustration with a logo (for example on a t-shirt, envelope, bottle)? Is there a quick way or you just have to design it?

yeah, not use photoshop.
PHOTOshop is for photo images or digital artwork.
Logos are Vector art.
I think you are looking for mockup templates to “display” your creations.
But if you are selling photoshop files as logos, you are doing your “clients” a disservice.


There is no quick way. This is what designers are for.

As a matter of fact, there is. The quick way comes after 15 years of experience. Usually more. Okay, perhaps one out of five designers who still hangs around (or survived).

They are just looking for mockup templates. “Illustrations with logos.”

Thanks, I was looking for mockup templates. I mainly use Illustrator but sometimes I do sketches with Photoshop. Sorry, I haven’t made that clear. My bad.

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