Illustrator align text to bottom

Is it possible to align text to the bottom of a text field like in word? I know I could also adjust manually (either moving fields or aligning once outlined), but would love if it’s possible to have it aligned to bottom so the lines move up as each line of text is added.

I don’t know if any newer versions of Illustrator will let you do it because I only use old versions of most Adobe Software. But InDesign will surely let you bottom align a text box.

I want to say - No, you can’t. It certainly wasn’t available in AI in the past, and I took a brief peek at the paragraphing and framing options just now, and don’t this option is available.

As mentioned above, InDesign has you covered in this area - as well as having a plethora of amazing typography tools otherwise.

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Terms can get confusing here. I wasn’t sure you were referring to bottom "alignment’ as a matter of vertical justification until I got to the last sentence of your post:

There are often weird, scenario-dependent workarounds for things like this in Illustrator, but it isn’t there as a native feature.

InDesign definitely does, Illustrator … not that I’ve found.

Speaking of weird workarounds, I remember developing a workaround for the lack of tables in an old version of Quark. I used floating text boxes as characters within another text box. The printers both admired my innovation and hated me for it because it kept wrapping around.

Hah! That’s not too far off Adobe’s implementation of tables as inline characters in InDesign.

I was just going to say this. InDesign is MUCH better for layout that requires this kind of thing.

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