Illustrator Artboard sizes rounding-up 1.125" to 1.13"

Hey all - Any Illustrator gurus out there who have figured out how to make an artboard size to an exact 1/8"? For instance, I need artboard to be 1.125" which I will then step multiple times. But Illustrator rounds up to 1.13", which doesn’t seem like that much until you start stepping a whole crap load of 'em. Yes, I realize I can use the distribute align tool but isn’t this a added-step-resolution that I shouldn’t have to do? Or do I just chalk this up to Adobe not caring about the users…

What if you convert to MMs?

Yes, I can convert to MM’s, I could change to points.
But as a design tool, why should I have to change my form of measure to metric?

Hmmm…I could be wrong, but in my experience (setting die lines accurate to 4 decimal places, then fitting the artboard to them, per the instructions of a certain label vendor), the actual size is as you input it (x.125), but only displayed as 1.13 in the Illustrator Artboard Size UI, which for some reason is limited to the display of 2 decimal places.

Die lines is exactly what I’m working with - die lines can get into the 1/16th’s, 1/64th’s. Let me try that option of fitting the artboard to the die line.

It won’t make any difference in what’s displayed as the artboard size.

As long as the artboard matches the dieline, that’s all I am looking for.
I have my sheet and die line templates in InDesign, say 12 up,
I have 8 different flavor labels, all 1 up in Illustrator, all the same size.
When I step and repeat on the layout in InDesign, it needs to be accurate.
I’ll give 'er a shot…

It is somewhat aggravating behavior that AI won’t let you set up art boards in 1/8th inch increments yet if you try to freehand the placement of an element without smart guides it will let you place the item at 0.0001" instead of 0".

Very true. I do like setting my keyboard increments to .0001 when lining up die lines.

Adobe programmers aren’t designers, that’s for sure. Illy 2018 has a major bug with the precision of the pointer tool not being exact when selecting lines. How many times I try to select a line and end up clicking into open space. When brought up on the adobe site, the admin answered “Since this is not a generic issue that we can reproduce at our end, we will need someone to look into your machine to figure out what is going on here.” It’s the Mac’s fault. I’ll just go back to Illy CS6.

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