Illustrator canvas size limitations

There’s been a long-standing thread on the Adobe forums about the canvas size limits in Adobe Illustrator (as well as other Adobe apps) that force large-format users to build files at smaller dimensions than the final output. The forum thread has gotten hundreds of posts from people complaining about this restriction.

In an unusual move for Adobe, they just announced on that forum that they’ve heard the complaints, are developing ways to remedy problem and are soliciting suggestions and inviting people to join their pre-release program for the fix. If this canvas size restriction problem affects you, you might want to take a look. They’re apparently listening on this one — at least for now.

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If they do not fix the PDF creation size limit, this change just creates more of the same issue.
PDFs are limited to 200" in both dimensions. Even now, Illy’s artboard is too big for PDF output which causes some issues.

But thanks for the link. I’ll post that point.

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as about to say, PD is the man to talk to about this lol.

Oh, there’s all kinds of good and bad here. I let em have it both barrels at the email link they give.

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