Illustrator Envelope Feature Query?

Hy everyone.

Can anyone assist me out. While adding envelope to text, it’s anchor points have handles … When I change it’s perspective I could make them straight… Any suggestionSee the image…


What is your question? It’s not clear from your post. Eager to help!

See attached. I


The anchor point handles?
Click and drag the point to redraw with the Anchor Point Tool

I would suggest using a different unless you’re trying to put the text on an rounded or inorganic shape. I haven’t checked if these work on live type, but free transform or one of the weather effects might be easier.

Some of the warp effects work best of all.
To change the direction of a bezier handle, you use the > tool (anchor point tool) in the pen tool flyout. If you want to option drag the handle, I think you hold the Option key. Or maybe the Command key… For me its so automatic I don’t know for sure anymore and I’m too lazy to open Illustrator to check.
I checked. It’s option. (on a mac)

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