Illustrator: How to convert a Path in Outline View


For a LaserCut projekt I need to convert the Outline (path) View (cmd-y) in a dotted Path. How can I convert the Outline View in the aspect of my path?
Hope I could explain my problem… :-/


For a laser cut project you need to convert to a filled shape then convert it to outline (though the filled shape is actually what is cut. No stroke width.) If someone has asked you to make a dashed path, that would be weird. We always have to convert a dashed path to a solid shape to laser cut things…

If your path is a dotted line, select it, go to the stroke palette and uncheck the dashed line box.

Be sure you don’t have any crossing paths. A laser is a dumb machine and will follow any line in the file, even if it cuts in half the shape you wanted (which is why you should never use white boxes to cover stuff up.)

If unchecking the dash line box doesn’t work, come back and we’ll try something else. Sometimes if a line originated in InDesign it can take a few extra steps.

Also, do not expand a dotted line path. If you do that the laser will cut nice little elongated boxes and you end up with a bunch of dashed lines in your laser cutting.
Unless that’s what you want…?

Thanks a lot for the replay, PrintDriver. You exactly understood what I need!!

No, no-one asked for a dashed path. I wanted to laser a dashed path only for the lines I need to fold.

So, now I unchecked the dashed line box and I have a “normal” stroke with a Fill and Stroke in black. Then I did Object > Path > Outline Stroke. I’m not sure what I should do now…

Thanks for helping!

P.s. in theory, I could draw a segment and use the eraser to create the dashed line. Like this, I see in the Outline View a dashed path. Of course this method is quite imprecise…

Ah!. You want to use the laser to cut “on-line” strokes. Sorry. Didn’t understand your question.

Have you tried creating a brush? You don’t want to expand it if you want to cut on the lines without the laser trying to do box perimeters.

No idea what you are cutting that you would laser in the fold lines but I’m so used to cutting acrylic and metal that it’s sometimes hard for me to wrap my head around other things.

Thanks, I will try to create a brush. I have to cut only paper! :slight_smile:

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