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Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on a project and was wondering if there is an easier way of labelling a drawing. See the picture attached.

The bra is a vector file. On top, I would like a name certain parts. Surely I can draw a line and write a text, but is there a way of connecting the text with the line and the specific part of the drawing? I don’t want to bring everything back in order after I change the drawing a bit. Does this make sense?

Thank you so much for your help! I hope you are currently somehow enjoying the amazing weather. I am sitting in London, in a cafe and working in the sun :slight_smile:


The most indispensable tool I use is CADTools for Illustrator (from Hot Door)
All of my drawings have to be dimensioned and labeled for client sign off and this tool does it all. Plus it adds proper arc creation ability to illustrator and other drafting tools that make sign making simpler.
It costs a bit of money but saves hours of time.
They have a free demo if you want to try it for this.

One note on your labeling though. “Ring” isn’t good enough. “O-Ring-white nylon-1"OD-0.75"ID” is more what you should be using. Or the actual part number.


PrintDriver’s suggestion is the best solution — especially if you’re really needing CAD-like capabilities in Illustrator or if you’ll be doing these sort of technical illustrations often.

You asked a simple question, though, so maybe the simple answer might be just to group together the objects in question, as in Object menu > Group. This will place all the grouped objects in the same stacking order, however, so once things are grouped, you’ll need to move the grouped object back or forward in that order, as in Object menu > Arrange > Move back forward, etc.

A sunny day in London is certainly one to be enjoyed. I live in the western U.S., where rainy days are rare enough to warrant enjoyment.

You can also put objects on layers that can be locked and unlocked. So associated objects can each be on a layer together.

Hi PrintDiver,

Thank you for your suggestion! I had a look and that sounds perfect. As I am not able to spend money on this, I need to look for something else.

I will keep this still in mind for the future.

Best wishes

Hi Just-B,

Yes, the grouping works for what I need. Haha, such a simple way, thank you! :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Hi DocPixel,

That’s how I handled this problem before, but I was looking for something simpler. The grouping works really well.

Best wishes

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