Illustrator not identifying tints?

It seems weird I’ve not run across this until just recently. Illustrator is not identifying tints in the color palette. I could have sworn when you clicked on a shape that had a tint of a Pantone (not a transparency,) it would show as selected in the swatch palette. Nope. Maybe I’m wrong and it never did with tints.

Weirdly too, if I selected a shape with an 80% tint Pantone color, then made another shape and selected a different Pantone from the Swatch palette, it applied the 80% tint to it as well. I had to go change it in the Color palette. Yes I dumped my prefs. Still happened.

What I didn’t check, and will tomorrow was if it worked correctly with the Application Frame turned on. There’s been a whole series of glitches across InD, Illy and Photoshop regarding that. I can’t work with the application frame turned on. When I close or minimize a file I NEED to see the desktop or a file open behind it. I might have 3 or 4 projects open in those three softwares and have to switch back and forth quite often.

On another job just recently, I told Illustrator to add all used colors to the swatch palette. It failed to identify a 70-70-70-100 rich black as even being in the file. Ink limit in the rip didn’t catch it either. I don’t see dot gain often, but that sure closed up the 16pt drop-thru white text to nothingness. Had to reprint the job after going in and direct-selecting it with the Color palette open and changing it, not the swatch palette. Something seriously wrong on that one.

Tints are done by the colour mixer - Window>Color - and then set the tint - and in the hamburger menu you select Create New Swatch and it creates the tint with the percentage.
It’s not universal the way InDesign does it - that the 100% tint is the parent swatch and the tint is the Child.

It might be setting it to default if you’ve set the tint before selecting anything, just a guess.

Application frame - I never use it. I just click the close button which basically just soft closes, it’s still open but not minimised.

Not sure what’s going on with your 70x3-100
That is weird.
Did a preflight not catch it either? Not really sure why it’s not being caught.

Had a weird one the other day - a transparency opacity on a pantone colour was forcing black text to 4 colour.
Cut out the object and paste in place and it fixed it.

Super weird stuff.

Maybe the 70x3-100 is small corruption within the file itself. Maybe best to copy all to a new file on the same size artboard.

Who knows

Confirmed here. Does not show tinted swatch in the swatches pallet, just the “normal” 100% tint pantone swatch.

Also confirmed here.

Not confirmed here - it added a 70/70/70/100 swatch to the pallet as a named global process color:
Note that I do have the swatch and color pallets open at the same time all the time.

all testing done on Ai 27.5, Windows 10 64bit