Illustrator pathfinder question

hi guys
in coreldraw , a shap simply can cut a line , like this :

but in illustrator seems it can’t be same job

could you please tell me how can i split a line by a shape in illustrator like what was done in the coreldrew

Try this…

i need a solution except using shape builder tools
imagine having a very complex shape , with shape builder tools becomes very difficult and takes long time

By the way, I was looking it now

Alternatively, if you don’t need to adjust the line strokes, you could outline your lines, make them a compound path and then pathfinder will behave as you expect.

it seems to be no way to keep stroke and don’t use shape builder tools

I guess a question may be what are you trying to do. Can you share an screenshot? You may be able to do a similar non-destructive effect using a mask.

I don’t understand what you mean by “shape builder tools.”

Anyway, what it seems you’re wanting to do works just fine for me in Illustrator. The stroke weight of the lines changes as they’re cropped, but that’s easy enough to fix.

I’m likely misunderstanding the problem, though.

@Just-B I believe he is referencing the shapebuilder tool that was mentioned in the video @Steve_O shared. I still think a mask may work as well.

as @CraigB said i men shapebuilder tool
for that simple example using shapebuilder tool is convenient and fast , but imagine this combination :

Or even more complicated
and we need stroke and should not turn it into shape and also we can’t use clipping mask

I’m having trouble imagining a need to cut shapes apart like this, but you must have your reasons.

Anyway, I did the following with Illustrator’s pathfinder tools. The downside was that I needed to use the tool that didn’t automatically eliminate the lines within the shape. Instead, it just cut everything apart into a bunch of line segments that I needed to remove by hand. That was made easier, though, by using Illustrator’s Select > Same > ??? menu.

I suspect that if I thought about it a little more, there would be ways to use layers and multiple passes of the pathfinder tools to make deletion of the right line fragments easier.

I’ve never used CorelDraw, so I don’t know how it compares.

Thanks for the reply
I do not think I understood the way you said, but I have to work more on it
I wish it would be much easier to do this

You understand you can drag the Shapebuilder tool, right? Those complex shapes can be done with a single Alt+click-drag.

I still think it would help if the OP posted the image or at least a reasonable part of the image showing what they are wanting to accomplish instead of red starbursts and squiggly lines.

Based on this tutorial below, the Shape Builder tool isn’t really useful for a lot of complexity, cuz you have to erase carefully using it while holding the mouse or pen button down and holding the option key. And it is very easy to leave small crap behind.

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