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Illustrator just added a “Repeat” function under Object.
The grid… Why can’t you specify how many pieces horizontal x how many pieces vertical you really want???
The Sign softwares have been doing that since the dawn of time with what they call an Array function.

And why does adding a stroke weight change the spacing? I don’t want to change the spacing unless I tell it to change the spacing.

Set grid repeat options
To preview and set the grid repeat options,

Select the repeated artwork.
Choose Object > Repeat > Options. In the Repeat Options dialog that appears, click the Grid tab.
After the repeat artwork is created, you can set the grid repeat options in the Repeat Options section in the Properties and Control panel.

Grid repeat patterns
Grid repeat options
You can set the following options:

A) Vertical spacing in grid: Specify the vertical space between objects in the grid.

B) Horizontal spacing in grid: Specify the horizontal space between objects in the grid.
C) Grid Type: Specify the grid type you want to use to arrange objects in rows and columns.

D) Flip Row: Flip the row in vertical (y-axis) or horizontal (x-axis) directions.
E) Flip Column: Flip the column in vertical (y-axis) or horizontal (x-axis) directions.

Yes, I know that part. But try overlapping shapes with a negative offset. You get all kinds of crap under a clipping mask.

This is sloppy too, but I think this has always been a problem…
And trying to use divide with a gradient to break the pieces out is sloppy too.
Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 11.39.06 AM

You are correct, it was released to early.

The only repeat function that has a good use is the mirror option.

Not for everybody but for fashion designers it is a real help.

Now expanding this mirrored shapes is also a lot of work

Being able to edit the mirror function is pretty cool. But I’m not sure in 20 years how often I’ve needed to do that. Maybe if I designed a lot more.

you can use ctrl+D for this purpose

yes, the move function plus Control D is way faster.

Yes, I just might use Control D, LOL.
Why didn’t I think of that.

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How long have you being doing this?

You kill me, PrintDriver.

While I didn’t expicitly say Control D in my little screenshots up there, Move and Copy Down does in fact mean Move and Control D, LOL.

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