Illustrator wanting to level up from procreate

Hi there everybody,

I’ve been using Procreate for awhile now and have enjoyed everything that it comes with for the most part, but I feel I am stuck a little by its obvious limitations.

I am wondering which program to go to next so I can learn some new skills etc.
A program which isn’t going to throw me into the deep end and has elements of procreate but with the capabilities of making vector art etc.
I am a bit overwhelmed by all the Adobe programs and am stuck in a sort of choice paralysis. Also the cost is a factor.

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!

Illustrator is a professional tool - there’s no real shortcuts to learning it, it’s immersive and in-depth, and a long learning curve.

From what I see from glancing at the Procreate site is that it’s similar to Affinity software. I think you might be best with this.

You can always trial both and see which you feel is best.

You might be even looking at Adobe Fresco

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Procreate is very different from Adobe Illustrator. It combines both Illustrator and Photoshop in some ways. I haven’t used it because I mostly use Photoshop, and trust me, that has limitations when it comes to quick filling of inked art, but a good friend uses Procreate and she does not seem limited by its offerings. It’s fairly robust. She’s occassionally drawing on her Twitch channel when she’s feeling the mood.

It depends on the sort of illustration you are pursuing I guess. And how much learning curve you want.
What is your end purpose? Can you post some examples of the art you want to learn to achieve? or some examples of your art and where you want to improve?