Illustrator X Y coords

Is there a way to get Illustrator to treat each artboard individually not collectively as X and Y top left = 0 on each artboard without having to drag the reset coords for each board? Like InDesign.

Not without that, as far as I know.

In the timeline of it’s life, multiple artboards are relatviely new in Illustrator, and there is still a ton of work to be done on artboard management. We should be able to at least hide and lock artboards, and it wouldn’t hurt if you could have the option of discrete, per-artboard layers or layer settings. For a while now, Adobe’s Illustrator team seems focused more on “asset export” than in-editing features, ostensibly due to market research indicating an advent of less traditional vector workflows, i.e., creating elements for on-screen delivery in apps, etc.

I opened up an AI file with three artboards. When I click on each artboard, the X and Y 0 point is the upper left corner of the artboard. If I click on one artboard and move the X / Y 0 point and then click on another artboard, the X / Y 0 point is still the upper left corner. So I believe it’s behaving the way you’re looking for, though I do have to click to select the artboard to see the X and Y zero point for that artboard. I glanced through the preferences, but I didn’t see anything for this feature.

What Steve-O said.

I just wish that when you “select all” that it only does the active artboard, instead of the whole file. But then, there would be those instances where I’d want it to select the whole file. But far less often.

Thanks guys. I have tried clicking each artboard to try and get the X & Y 0 point reset to that board but it’s still taking its reference from the top artboard. Don’t see why Illustrator works this way when InDesign does not. Such a simple thing to rectify as a Prefs thing. It makes positioning objects in the same XY coords on multiple boards tedious.

Not understanding your problem.
I made three artboards and set three different zero points on each.
If I want the top left to be 0,0 then I double click the corner box on the page rulers. It resets individually.

If you are trying to move an object from off the artboard into the 0,0 point for a different artboard, I can see where that would cause issues. You can’t select an object on one artboard then click a different one to move it to. You have to drag it onto the new artboard to activate it, then place the object by coordinates.

Illustrator is not a multipage layout program like Indesign.

Yes, thank you PD. I have found a way to have each board set to X Y =0
It’s in the Menu View>Rulers>Change To Global

It defaults to Artboard rullers but I guess you could hit Option+Command+R by mistake when going for Command+R for rulers

Sorted, thanks guys. Appreciated.

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