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Happy Friday, folks. What do you have shaking this weekend? Any fun, fall activities? Raking leaves? Putting up Christmas lights? Hot cider? Getting ready for Thanksgiving? Being stuck at your desk working all weekend?



I’m gonna get me drunk, get me drunk, my lumps my lumps, my lovely lady humps.

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The title is killing me :grin:

and now I want to listen to The Cure and watch Blades of Glory again :smiley:

Not much to report here in our neck of the woods. But the sun is shining bright today and I hope to finish a rather large afghan I am crocheting for my Niece as a housewarming gift.

Not that anyone cares, but she is just over 6 feet tall and never has a blankie to snuggle with that her feet won’t poke out … so Auntie Kat to the rescue :wink: It’s extra long and should be very snuggable :wink: I’ll post pics when done.

Have a great weekend everyone! :heart:

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I’m on my way back home from an install. Had to leave the house at 4am for a 6:30am call. After a 2 hour drive. Yay. Just had a really good BBQ brisket sandwich and headed back to a virtual stack of work. Gawd I hate the internet that makes work from home possible.

Weekend is a clam bake and mixing up some brandy cherries for infamous bourbon Christmas cake. They gotta soak for a week and I make it on thanksgiving weekend then wrap em in bourbon cheesecloth for Christmas. No it is not fruitcake. It’s far more flammable. :grinning:


That cake sounds awesome! I’ve never made that or a homemade fruitcake (since you mentioned it)

I really don’t like store bought fruitcake … but homemade is so much better. My Gran used to make one that was fantastic … and rather boozy … I think that’s what made it so good lol :smiley:

Happy Friday from over here in Saturday :smiley:

I’ve had brisket in the US exactly 1 time. It was good. One day I would like to also sample a clam bake.

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Ok, it’s a really good thing I forget every year how much of the day it takes to make that cake, LOL.
It’s in the oven. Finally.
Now what to do with this left over drained fruit bourbon…
Oh gawd, that was a bad idea…

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lmao PD :grin: :tumbler_glass:

First clambake I ever went to was served up by Finch Pruyn. The HUGE paper mill my Grandfather worked for. He was one of the Engineers and worked there for 40 years. They threw the best parties … until the corporate BS took over in the late 80’s.


It was back in the early 70’s and it was on Glen Lake and they had table after table draped in plastic red and white checked covers. They had huge pots of potatoes and corn, lobster, crab, oysters, mussels, clams … you name it … Their clambakes had everything. Then a bunch of guys would grab the pots and drain the yummy juice into other pots to be served on the side. Then they would go from table to table dumping along as they walked. People would gather around the each mound of food with no rhyme or reason. Everyone was family back then :wink:

And boy oh boy … that was some good eatin’


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I had family with a cabin on Glen Lake, a long time ago. Went to a family reunion there when I was like 7-ish. Back then, you could have a rope swing, LOL!

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That’s cool! Here is my Gram and Gram at their camp on the lake. Somewhere around late 40’s or maybe really early 50’s. It was the place to go back then. They always said Lake George was too touristy. To me they looked like Movie Stars. Folks seemed so stylish back then … even when relaxing :slight_smile:



This sounds amazing. :heart_eyes:

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i am planting tomatoes. Gonna give them a try over the winter.

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That’s such a great photo!


@Buda It was :smiley: If you ever get the chance to partake … do it :slight_smile:

@willyflew please keep us posted!

@Steve_O Thank you :heart: They were two of the most awesome people :slight_smile:

btw … you can’t tell… but my Gramps was a deep redhead and his nickname was none other than Red. It’s where mine came from :stuck_out_tongue:

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