I'm looking for a dutch calendar for indesign

I’m looking for a dutch calendar for indesign.
Any idea?
Thanks for any reply.

recreating the example (barring the illustrations) wouldn’t take too much time and effort in InDesign.

Thanks to reply me, you are right, the complicated part would be the data like: day number, saints, moon phases etc … I used the wizardcalendar script for indesign, but it’s not very intuitive.
If I can’t find a template for 2020, I’ll have to do it by hand of course!

I poked around online and did find some starting points.

This actually has a lot of international options, but from what I can see it is only 2017>

Maybe something here could help.

And maybe this plugin would help.

I had already seen the links you indicated to me, thanks anyway.
Unfortunately the developer of the plugin does not respond to my requests, he gave me good advice but not sufficient for me. I’m using that plugin and it has many features but it is really a bit complicated and not intuitive too.
Thanks a lot.

I’d suggest that you spend time brainstorming and thinking strategically as to how this could be set up in ID to make your life as easy as possible. It won’t be a “push this button” kind of template, but if you think outside the box a bit, you can cone up with some ways to make it less painful.

Hi @Steve_O
thanks to reply me.
You are right. Styles will play a fundamental role :sweat_smile:

If you do end up doing it “by hand” make sure you proof read it and get someone else with a keen eye to proof read it also. I’ve seen far too many calendars with mistakes in them. It’s an expensive mistake to make.

I would set this up manually. But that’s just how I roll.

Yes, an external check is necessary by someone else. It has already happened to me to make mistakes!
Thanks @Buda

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