I'm looking for free stock model photos white bgr

I’m looking for high res (clothed) model free stock photos with white background for non-commercial use with allowed modification to the photos.
I did look at the pinned thread, but the links and the photos shown on designgal were limited. Google’s displayed images for model white background are kind of okay, but for them “Large” images on the tool criteria is deceptive because some of the images they’re showing are 800 px. That’s not large!

You’re finding out what Free Stock means… Sorry can’t really help there.
I fact, I’d be more than a little concerned about the provenance of free images of persons without model releases or with modification allowances.

Several of the Royalty Free stock sites have ok imagery but again, size restrictions abound. You can get a monthly subscription for pretty much the price of 2 or 3 coffees.

I believe you can use Pixabay they offer free images & royalty free stock, there’s also another website called unsplash, you can just use the search bar to look for whatever picture you need, as long as you don’t sell them, you have the right to edit them and use them however you want!

Enjoy :heart:

Are you looking for model-free photos or free photos of models?

The problem with free photos that have models is that both a photographer and a model would need to cooperate to make and give away free work.

Honestly, I doubt you’ll find that sort of thing on either Pixabay or Unsplash — at least not what you’re looking for. Both those sites have a reasonably good collection of typical photos, but not so many with professional models shot in studios against a white background. Too much work goes into that sort of thing to give them away for free.

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High res free photos of models in white background, and with allowed modification use. Will be used for digital artworks that will not be sold for profit, just accessed on a website as a portfolio. (Of course they can be downloaded from there and distributed through social media, etc.)
But I realize the chances of getting high res SLR photos shot in a studio environment would be slim.
I don’t know what are “model-free photos?”

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