I'm new here!

Hi everyone!
Just joined but have been in the graphics industry for 42 years (yes I’m old!)
Hoping to help / be helped by all the great members and staff.


Welcome, DannyD. There are a few of us around here that are a bit more … experienced.

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Hi DannyD and Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am 40 years in the industry so you have a bit on me. I look forward to your help and advice, and any questions you might have.

Things have changed a lot in 40 years so you’re doing something right just to be here :laughing:

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Lol! I get it…

Since we’re heading back in time to the beginning, and if I push the boundaries to include my first amateur after-school job helping to paint signs for a grocery store, I’ve got you all beat at 50 years. If the starting point is somewhere in college, yeah, I’m probably at about 42 years too.

Welcome to the forum @DannyD

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Welcome Aboard! :wave: :grin:

I’m old too LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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One of my earlier portfolio pieces:


I’m just a young-un. Only 30 or so years here.

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You guys are cracking me up!
Glad to hear it from all of you… Lol…

Not so fast, Old Man! I started painting signs when I was 13. I was getting paid for signs and creating hand drawn 32”x48” posters for my college theater productions along with designing program handouts through college. And while I was still in college I secured my first genuine professional job as a local TV Art Director. All culminating through starting my own Advertising Agency until I retired in April 2017 at 70 years old. So all together my design experience was 57 years! In fact since retirement I am still doing graphic design work for Merrill Lynch, and several non-profit organizations. So at 76 I’m still going! That makes 63 years!…Beat That!


Well, I can’t beat that. I think you win! :grinning:

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Ha, ha! I gotcha Young’un! (LMAO):crazy_face:

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Since it’s been hi-jacked and become a contest, I may as well join to be a partner-in-crime.

I spent 40 years in this industry, up until I really retired (officially retired but remained active until I found out retirement could be fun). 40 years because I’ve had two prior careers.

Before that I was a magazine editor and illustrator for ten years, so technically I can add that to the 40 years, but I won’t.

And before that I spent eight years faring the sea.

Fair to say I did not have a linear career path.


I didn’t even think about how long I’ve been doing this until I saw this thread. 40 years and graphic design wasn’t even my first job. I really am too old for this shit.

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